Mission & Vision

CAM-AMERICA GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE (CGISC) is a not-for-profit organization that was established to address the day to day challenges faced by people all over the world. We believe in maintaining human dignity through the implementation of programs that will improve the quality of life for populations at risk. Our shared vision promotes collaborative efforts and fearless actions to bridge the gap and address the needs of those we serve.



we work diligently and collaboratively with governments, businesses, community leaders, individuals and not for profit organizations to facilitate social change, which would ultimately improve health outcomes and socioeconomic status of high risk populations globally. We accept responsibility for our individual and collective actions, while maintaining an atmosphere of respect, honesty and transparency.



We strive to build healthier and wealthier communities by increasing accessibility to healthcare, addressing health disparities, increasing health awareness, implementing mentorship programs to help individuals discover purpose, addressing socioeconomic inequalities, gender inequalities and providing opportunities for education, business and professional development. We work on the premise that, “when people know better they do better”.


Core Values: We Care

Wellness - Health invites hope which translates to possibilities.
Commitment - We work effectively and collaboratively to serve individuals and families.
Advocacy - we represent the voices of vulnerable populations globally.
Respect - We treat our peers and those we serve with respect and dignity.
Excellence - We encourage professional development and strive for the highest level of performance to adequately meet the needs of those we serve.