Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cam-America Global Initiative for Social Change?

Ms. Malingo Elangwe Okie established Cam-America Global Initiative for Social Change (CAGISC) in 2013 to identify and bring solutions to pressing global challenges. Our innovative team of experts is inclusive of individuals from all walks of life, who are devoted to convert good ideas into action with the ultimate goal to improve humanity. As agents for social change, we encourage hard work, collaborative efforts and fearless actions to bridge the gap and serve vulnerable populations. The organization works with governments, legislators, NGOs, community leaders, businesses and individuals to address public health concerns, education disparities and socioeconomic inequalities. We strongly believe in “people helping people” to achieve success and live life at their highest potential.


What are the major programs of CAGISC?

Our areas of focus include global health, education, poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment and youth development programs.


Does CAGISC have any political affiliations?

CAGISC is a diversified and nonpartisan organization that is focused on bringing together individuals with great minds, willing to brainstorm and develop effective strategies to address major global concerns. These individuals come from a wide variety of political, religious, ethnic, geographic and ideological backgrounds, which include scholars, business executives and nongovernmental organizations.


Does CAGISC offer employment opportunities?

No, unfortunately CAGISC does not offer employment opportunities at this time. This is due to the fact that CAGISC is a young organization working with of limited resources to accomplish its objectives and goals. All our team members provide services on a voluntary basis without compensation of any kind.


Who can I contact if I have questions about CAGISC?

Please email


How can my company sponsor Cam-America Global Initiative for Social Change?

Our sponsors proudly share the common vision of “people helping people” by converting good ideas into action and developing effective strategies to address major global concerns. Companies can sponsor programs, events or provide support for year round programming. If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor of CAGISC, please contact or call 301-335-8265.


Does CAGISC provide funding to other organizations?

No, CAGISC is not a grant-making organization and does not provide funding to other organizations.